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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I join your trips?

  • Booking Step by Step:

       Fill in the form with your personal details as well as contact information. After you paid, your seat will be booked and you get a payment confirmation in 3 days.


  • ​Are your trips only for university students?

  • Most of our travellers are students, interns, au-pairs or young professionals. If you are social, open minded, willing to meet new people, you are more than welcome to attend our trips but you need to be between 3 and 55 years old. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Why do you need my personal details, such as birth date and phone number?

  •  Your birth date is required because we should know if you are between 18 and 35 years and hostels or hotels we work with need this info. And your mobile phone number is for emergency cases so that we can contact you if you get lost, or if you have paid twice by mistake or other problems. Nevertheless we ensure you that we will not disclose your personal data provided by you to us to any third party.

  • Is there a deadline in order to book a ticket for one of your trips?

  • As long as there are free spots for the trip, you are wishing to come, there is no deadline. After you register, you will receive an e-mail about payment details. 

  • Can I be on the same bus with my friends?

  • If you are starting from the same city, most of the time you are on the same bus. If you are travelling from different cities, please send us an email to so that we can check if one bus passes through both cities.

  • Is there a deadline for the payment after the registration?

  • Yes you have a deadline for the payment which is indicated in the email we will send you. Please contact us if you can't pay till the given deadline so that we can extend it.

  • Can I also pay for a friend?

  •  Yes, You can pay for as many people as you wish. The only important part is that the person you are paying for has also filled in our registration form and you should not forget to write his or her name on the reference part of your bank transfer.

  • Why haven't I received a confirmation even though I paid?

  • It may take a couple of days for the payment to show up on our account. Only then we can send out your confirmation. If you haven't received a confirmation even though you paid 4 days ago, please send us an email to


  • How can I change my departure city?

  • If there is availability from the city where you’d like to join to trip instead of your departure city: Yes, you may change. However you need to pay the difference fare (if any) and a change fee for each change of 10 €. In order to change your departure city, first you need to contact us via email by

  • I would like to sell my ticket, is that possible?

  • Yes you can. But you need to pay 10 € for the name change before the trip starts. Please send us an email to in case you would like to have a name change. Please include all the details of the new passenger in your email.

  • ​If I decide not to come after I made the payment, may I receive a refund?

  • That depends when you are cancelling the booking. For a cancellation, you again need to send us an email to When we receive an email from you stating that you want to cancel the booking, we will inform you about the possible amount of refund to be transferred to your bank account. Below you can see the list. In case of not taking part in the trip, no fee will be refunded.

31 days or more 100% refund
25-30 days 80% refund
17-24 days 50% refund
8-16 days 25% refund
0-7 days 0% refund

  •  I would like to stay in a room with my friends, how am I able to guarantee that?

  • You will receive an e-mail 2 days before the trip which asks about your room request; with whom you’d like stay. If you would like to ensure your room request, you need to answer this e-mail as soon as possible after you receive it.


  • I have a national Visa, can I attend the trip with this visa?

  • Most probably you have a visa Type D with multiple entrance. This visa is completely sufficient. If you have further questions, please send us an email to

  • Is it necessary to take my Passport with me?

  • Yes. One of the following documents you should take with:

       EU Citizens: Your Passport or your ID Card

       Other Nationalities: Your Passport AND your residence permit or visa

  • I have a large luggage, is it possible to bring it along to the bus?

  • You can bring a bag in any size as long as you take care of it.

  • When can we learn the departure time, exactly?

  • All information (departure time, point etc. ) will be sent to your e-mails 2 days before the trip

  • May I learn the exact arrival time to my departure city?

  • We try not to say a certain time because of the unpredictable reasons such as traffic, roadwork, weather conditions etc.

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