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​Welcome to the most reliable, organized, affordable, transparent and friendly student travel agency in Germany.

Studifahrten, founded in 2011, has been offering the most epic trips in Europe to students, young professionals and their visiting relatives at best prices and highest quality.

Our Mission

​Our Mission is to make sure, you found a trip that does not only to let you cross out

one of your bucket list cities, but also to let you be immersed by the epic adventure feeling.

In Studifahrten trips, we always have enough time to explore the history,

culture and food by having a lot of fun. 

Why Studifahrten?

Here are just a few reasons as to why you should travel with Studifahrten:

  • We search for the best deals for you to make trips as affordable as possible!

  • No stress on planing! We plan your trip, while you explore, party and have fun!

  • Great trip leaders with an exciting job, but also with a great responsibility!

  • ​We take care of you! Your security is our first priority!

  • Local Guides, which give you the best information and best recommendations!

  • Amazing trips, cities, fun facts with Studifahrten Experience!

  • Only Student travel agency in West Germany which you can rate and review in Facebook!

  • You will never say "Goodbye!" after a trip! We only hear "See u next week!" :)


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