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Dear Studifahrten Fans & Travellers

As the restrictions of Covid are over, and christmas time has come, it has been 

very difficult to arrange enough buses to overcome the high demand.

Please book your travels in advance as the number of available spots will be very limited until New Year.

We are a travel agency offering services in English.  We travel by buses which are touristic coaches with semi-declining seats.

The age limit is from 3 to 55 years old. If you want to bring an older person than 55 years old, a young person has to accompany the older person during the whole trip.

You do not have to be student to join the trips.

You do not need a negative covid rapid test result or vaccination to join the trips any more.

If you take a corona test at a test centre and the result is positive and you send it to us 24 hours before departure time, you will get a full refund.


We as STUDIFAHRTEN have never given a voucher to any covid positive traveller, instead of a full refund like other agencies do, and we guarantee you to pay a full refund as we always did.

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Why Studifahrten?
  • Best deals!

  • Comfortable buses with AC/DVD and friendly drivers

  • Best accommodation to feel at home

  • Great trip leaders with a lot of responsibility!

  • Amazing destinations!

  • We are experts in what we do!

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