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Strasbourg & Colmar


A trip in the world of fairy tales...

Trip Itnerary

Were you ever disappointed by Studifahrten! No, never! :) Then let's go for another faboulous trip! Colmar and Strasbourg! The best christmas market of 2015! And this year it will be as fabulous as last year definetely! Elegant home of the European Parliament, is now close enough for a weekend away by Studifahrten.

We will firstly visit Strasbourg. Strasbourg is an astonishing city where France merges into Germany on the Rhine, and found a simply gorgeous cathedral, a medieval quarter jammed with handsome Unesco-rated buildings, a brave new bridge, enough cycle-ways to fill a small country and one of the best Christmas markets in Europe.

Strasbourg offers a range of historical sights and tourist attractions. You will fall in love with the beauty of Petite France, the popular corner of the Grand Île (the Main Island) is where the Île river splits up into a number of canals, and cascades through a small area of half-timbered houses. The quarter is brimming with tourist restaurants, hotels, and souvenir shops.

Around 14:00 we will head to Colmar which is around 1 hour away from Strasburg. Colmar is a town with many attractions and an undeniable charm all its own including half-timbered houses, canals and the flower-decked town centre, etc. It offers all the intimacy of a medium-sized town and a remarkably diverse range of heritage sites! Come along and discover all the charm of the historical town centre with its famous "Petite Venise" or the Unterlinden Museum for culture lovers. A town definitely worth visiting for anyone keen to discover the gentle Alsatian lifestyle !

Here is the trip itenerary:

23.12.2016 Friday Evening
Departure from our home cities. See the list below

24.12.2016 Saturday
08:00 Arrival to Strasburg and sightseeing tour
10:00 Free time in the city and christmas markets
14:00 Departure to Colmar
15:00 Arrival to Colmar and free time in the city and christmas markets
20:30 Departure back home

25.12.2016 Sunday
Arrival back to home cities on Saturday night to Sunday morning.

We have different buses from different cities so please do not be confused about the departure times.

Aachen / Around 21:00 / Templergraben 57 Super C / 55 €
Bochum / Around 22:30 / Central Train Station / 55 €
Cologne / Around 23:00 / Central Train Station / 55 €
Darmstadt / Around 02:00 / Central Train Station / 45 €
Dortmund / Around 21:00 / Central Train Station / 55 €
Düsseldorf / Around 22:00 / Central Train Station / 55 €
Essen / Around 22:00 / Central Train Station / 55 €
Frankfurt / Around 01:00 / Central Train Station / 45 €
Mannheim / Around 03:00 / Central Train Station / 45 €

The exact departure times will be sent two days before the trip.

It will not be the same bus for all the cities so please depart from the same city if you have other friends on the bus.

The registration fee for the trip costs 45 € - 55 €. This includes:

- Travelling to Strasbourg and Colmar by a modern coach, friendly drivers and teamer of Studifahrten
- A sightseeing tour with an english speaking guide in Strasbourg
- Studifahrten insider Infos for Strasbourg
- Studifahrten snack package

We are looking forward to travelling with you!
Your Studifahrten Team

Please fill in the form below to apply for the trip, it is just an application, we will get in touch with you over email as soon as we have an available seat for you. Then you can still decide if you would like to join or not...
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