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Disneyland Paris Trip


The best New Year's Eve! You will never forget this day! :)

Trip Itnerary

We have been to Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Köln and many cities and have paid really high prices for parties where we had the regular party fun! For the new year's eve there is no firework show in Paris but the best show is in Disneyland!!! Besides the firework shows, there will also be other light shows and cartoon shows reflected to Disneyland castle at night. Nowhere is so fantastic like Disneyland! A perfect day and the amazing show are waiting for us!

We will meet Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Simba... and many others! We will also get on many amazing attractions like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Roller Coaster, Crush's Coaster... to have lots of fun and to increase our adrenaline! :)

Disneyland has 2 parks inside: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. Since we will be there the whole day, our ticket will be valid for both parks without any restrictions.

We will leave Germany at night and arrive to Paris in the morning. As we arrive the city center we will make a short photo shooting break near Eiffel Tower and after that we will have a sightseeing tour with our buses. After the sightseeing tour we will arrive to Disneyland to it’s opening around 10:00-10:30.

The amazing fireworks show starts with the countdown to 2017 and ends at 01:00 at night. We will be meeting on the bus after Disneyland closes! On the morning of 01.01.2017 we will be back home and you will still be dreaming of Disneyland! :)

We will have many buses for this trip and not all the buses will pass through all the cities. If you would like to be on the same bus with your friends, please ask us one week before the trip or register from the same city please.

Here are the departure cities, approximate times and prices:

* Aachen Templergraben 57 Super C - ca. 01:00 - 110 €
* Bochum Train Station - ca. 21:30 - 110 €
* Darmstadt Train Station - ca. 21:30 - 120 €
* Dortmund - Train Station - ca. 21:00 - 110 €
* Düsseldorf Train Station - ca. 23:30 - 110 €
* Essen Train Station - ca. 22:30 - 110 €
* Frankfurt Train Station - ca. 21:00 - 120 €
* Karlsruhe Train Station - ca. 22:00 - 120 €
* Kaiserslautern Train Station - ca. 01:00 - 120 €
* Köln Train Station - ca. 00:00 - 110 €
* Heidelberg Train Station - ca. 22:30 - 120 €
* Mannheim Train Station - ca. 23:00 - 120 €
* Saarbrücken Train Station - ca. 02:30 - 120 €
* Stuttgart Zuffenhausen - ca. 21:00 - 120 €

So here is the plan:

30.12.2016 Friday night

21:00 (and afterwards) Departures from the given cities above

31.12.2016 Saturday

08:00 Photo break at Eiffel Tower & Sightseeing tour with our bus
10:30 Arrival to Disneyland, incredible fun and amazing show at midnight!

01.01.2017 Sunday
01:30 Departure from Disneyland after fireworks and back to Germany
08:00-12:00 Arrival back to our beds! :)

The departure and arrival times might differ 1 hour according to the plans and traffic conditions.

The trip fee includes everything you need:

- Transfer with modern coaches with friendly drivers and Studifahrten Teamer
- A short break near Eiffel Tower to take photos
- Sightseeing tour of 1,5 hours in English with our official tourist guides in Paris
- Entrance ticket for the whole day for both parks in Disneyland (no additional costs inside for the attractions)
- Studifahrten snack pack

We are looking forward to travelling with you!
Your Studifahrten Team

Please fill in the form below to apply for the trip, it is just an application, we will get in touch with you over email as soon as we have an available seat for you. Then you can still decide if you would like to join or not...
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