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Geierlay Bridge & Cochem


At a height of 100 metres, Germany's longest rope bridge has a unique view of the Hunsrück mountains to walkers and nature enthusiasts. With plenty of spots to take the perfect selfie, the bridge is set in a picturesque forest between the towns of Morsdorf and Sosberg.

Trip itinery

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Saturday 04.02.2017

We start on Saturday morning and head to Geierlay Bridge first.

The hotly anticipated Geierlay rope bridge in Mörsdorf opened on 3 October 2015. The structure spans the forested valley of a Moselle tributary, deep in the heart of the Hunsrück mountains. Measuring 360 metres in length, Geierlay is the longest rope bridge in Germany and offers adventurous visitors a unique experience 100 metres above the valley floor. Take ourt your cameras! It's selfie time! :)

After we spend 2 hours in Geierlay we will be riding to Cochem, a beautiful historic town in Germany. It’s known as one of the prettiest villages along the Mosel. Little seems to have changed for centuries. The town has many beautiful buildings, quaint cottages, black & tan guild houses and winding streets. The town square, lined with its half-timbered houses, is particularly fine and Cochem Castle dramatically rises above the town. The town of Cochem itself is a sight worth seeing, not only because of its narrow streets and twisty alleys, the lovingly restored half timbered houses with the typical slate roofs, the historical market-place, but also because of its medieval town gates, churches and walls.

We will leave from Cochem at 18:30 and arrive our homes on Saturday evening / night.

Here are the departure cities, approximate departure times and prices:

The given depature times are approximate timings and can be 1 hour earlier or 1 hour later. We always send the exact departure times 3 days before the trip in the last email with all other trip infos.

  • Bochum Central Station / 05:30 / 35 Euro

  • Bonn Thomastrasse / 08:00 / 35 Euro

  • Cologne Central Station / 07:30 / 35 Euro

  • Darmstadt Central Station / 07:15 / 35 Euro

  • Dortmund Central Station / 05:00 / 35 Euro

  • Essen Central Station / 06:15 / 35 Euro

  • Frankfurt Central Train Station / 08:00 / 35 Euro

  • Karlsruhe Central Train Station / 04:45 / 40 Euro

  • Mannheim Cental Station / 06:00 / 35 Euro

  • Stuttgart Zuffenhausen / 03:30 /40 Euro

Here are the approximaete arrival times on Saturday night:

  • Bochum Central Station / 00:00

  • Bonn Thomastrasse / 21:00

  • Cologne Central Station / 21:45

  • Darmstadt Central Station / 21:30

  • Dortmund Central Station / 01:00

  • Essen Central Station / 23:15

  • Frankfurt Central Train Station / 21:00

  • Karlsruhe Central Train Station / 23:45

  • Mannheim Cental Station / 22:30

  • Stuttgart Zuffenhausen / 01:00


On this trip we offer you:



  • The round trip with a modern, private, touristic coach with AC/WC/DVD

  • 2 friendly drivers and a trip leader who will take care of you

  • A snack pack upon arrival for the morning

  • Studifahrten info, brochures, maps etc.

  • Tips abouts the trip and the city

  • A great chance to make new friends and enjoy a new country

​Not included are :

  • Your Lunch and Dinner

  • Your private expenses like souvenirs, gifts etc.

See u on the trip! :)

Your Studifahrten Team

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